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actual cannibal jonathan rhys meyers


queensansastark asked Theon Greyjoy or Sandor Clegane  ↠ Theon Greyjoy

❝  The sounds brought old feelings back; the creak of wood and rope, the captain’s shouted commands, the snap of the sails as the wind filled them, each as familiar as the beating of his own heart, and as comforting. I must remember this, Theon vowed to himself. I must never go far from the sea again.


when u use ur boobs to get someone to notice u


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sliced bread is the greatest thing since betty white

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How gay sex works.

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Fake Movie Posters: Videogame Edition Redux

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Anonymous wondered,
As a poc (native american), i hate when other people tell non-people-of-color that it's not okay to support our cause because it's considered "oppressive" to what we're fighting for. As with any social justice cause, we need as many people standing up for us as possible to get the word out. To fight discrimination, we need to end it completely, not just end it for minorities.



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Iron Man 3 header.


*studies for 2 minutes*

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